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Ferdous Rahman completed LLB (Hons) in 2010 and Specialized LLM in Commercial Law in 2011 from University of Dhaka. She was awarded with gold medal by Justice Amin Ahmed Trust and Fakir Abdul Mannan Memorial Gold Medal for standing first in LLM examination of 2011. She was nominated by the government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the Youth Excellence Scheme of China (YES China) Program 2015. She pursued another LLM in International Economic Law in East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai under YES China program. She has been awarded with the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship from the government of Hungary in 2019-2020 to pursue her doctoral studies in University of Szeged.

Her academic articles were published in Dhaka University Law Journal (2012, 2016), Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University (2013) and Bangladesh Journal of Law, Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (2016) and also in abroad such as China (2017), Canada (2017), India (2019) etc. She presented her research papers in international conferences. She also contributed a book chapter on international investment agreements, in the Bangladesh Hanbdook of Internaitonal Law (2020, forthcoming). During her studies in University of Dhaka, she worked with Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association as legal intern in 2010, Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs as research intern in 2011. She joined The Asia Foundation under its PRODIP (Promoting Democratic Institutions and Practices) project in 2012 and associated with the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Ministry of Education as parliamentary intern. During her staying in China under YES China program, she also worked for Push Law Firm, a Shanghai based law firm. Before joining Jahangirnagar University, she was Assistant Manager (Legal Affairs) in IDCOL (Infrastructure Development Company Ltd.), a non-banking financial institution.


Transparency, Public Fund Management, International Investment Law, Financial Law, Law and Economics, Corporate Law, Woman Entrepreneurship


Efficient Market Hypothesis in Combating Insider Trading,

accepted for publication in Journal of Capital Market and Securities Law, Vol 3:1 (2020)

Can the judicial guidelines be enough: A Case study on Sexual Harassment in Bangladesh,

Indian Journal of Socio Legal Studies, Vol. VIII: I (2019), pp. 126-139

Questioning the Chinese Government's Stand for Sovereign Immunity,

Transnational Corporation Review, Canada, February 2017;

Defeating or delaying the defaults: bailout strategy of the Chinese government for its state owned enterprises on their bond payment,

Journal of Chinese Governance, online published on September 22, 2017

Political Freedom in China: Government’s Approach vs. Public Reaction Toward Positive and Negative Rights, ,

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Mandating corporate directorship for woman in Bangladesh: Options and Challenges,

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Shareholders’ right to distribution: A misnomer,

Dhaka University Law Journal, Vol XXI, Issue 1 (2013) (co-author)


Enforcement of commercial litigation against state: Quest for coherence in international law on state immunity from execution,

The Second Annual IRSI IDSA Szeged Conference on International Affairs, organised by International Diplomatic Student Association and International and Regional Studies Institute, University of Szeged, on February 14, 2020. 

Harmonization of labor rights protection in Special Economic Zones in India: Regulatory freedom and challenges,

The First Conference on Comparative Law Methodology, organised by the Institute of Comparative Law and Legal Theory, on December 13, 2019

Economic Analysis of Sovereign Assets: Application by courts in determining sovereign immunity,

The 10th Edition of the International Conference of Doctoral Students and Young Researchers, organized by University of Oradea, Romania, University of Miskolc, Hungary and International Business School from Botevgrad, Bulgaria, on November 22, 2019

International Framework on Business and Human Rights: A Study on Insurance Companies,

The Conference on Law-Culture-Morality: Dilemma of Values and Identities in the Legal System, organized by Doctoral School of Law and Political Science, University of Szeged on October 25, 2019


International Investment Agreements,

Bangladesh Handbook of International Law, ed. Mohammad Shahabuddin (Dhaka: 2020). Forthcoming

Fiscal strength of city building,

Chapter 4, State of Cities: Re-thinking of Urban Governance in Narayangong”, co-authored with Manash Mitra, Institute of Governance Studies, BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2013) pp. 83-106

Academic Info

Institute: University of Szeged, Hungary
Period: Continuing

Doctoral studies, Department of Private International Law, School of Law and Political Science 

Institute: East China University of Political Science and Law
Period: 2015-2016

LLM in International Economic Law, Shanghai, China 

Institute: University of Dhaka
Period: 2010-2011

Specialised LLM in Commercial Law, Dhaka Bangladesh 

Institute: University of Dhaka
Period: 2006-2010

LLB (Hons), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Organization: Jahangirnagar University
Position: Lecturer
Period: December 12, 2016 - April 05, 2019

Department of Law & Justice 

Organization: Infrastructure Development Company Ltd
Position: Assistant Manager (Legal Affairs)
Period: 1st July 2013 to 10 December 2016

It is a non-bank financing institution. She was responsible for legal and compliance issues of the projects to be financed.

Organization: Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers' Association
Position: Research and Advocacy Officer
Period: April 2013-June 2013


Ferdous Rahman

Assistant Professor
Department of Law & Justice
Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.
Cell Phone: +8801746525501
Email: ferdous@juniv.edu